2 Quail Hutches, Egg roll-out and Grow-out - $400 (Henderson)

2 Quail Hutches, Egg roll-out and Grow-out 1 thumbnail2 Quail Hutches, Egg roll-out and Grow-out 2 thumbnail2 Quail Hutches, Egg roll-out and Grow-out 3 thumbnail2 Quail Hutches, Egg roll-out and Grow-out 4 thumbnail2 Quail Hutches, Egg roll-out and Grow-out 5 thumbnail
We have 2 Quail Hutches available:

The first hutch is an Egg layer, Roll-out hutch. This cage has 2 levels measuring 40" long x 24" wide x 12" high. Each level comes with 1 swing-up door with slide-bolt latch, and a sloped floor to allow the eggs to gently roll forward to rest at the front of the cage for easy collection. A small gap allows the eggs to roll outside the main cage, so that eggs can be collected without opening the hutch itself. There is a gap between the 2 top and bottom cages to allow for a litter tray to slide in and collect the poop from the top cage. This tray space measures 37" long x 24" wide. As I never ended up buying any quail, I never got to use the hutches, and therefore never purchased the litter pan. Rabbit litter trays can be purchased at TSC or Amazon to fit this hutch. The poop from the bottom cage falls through the mesh directly to the ground. The height of this bi-level cage stands 67" tall. Egg Roll-out hutch is $175.

The second hutch is a 2-level Grow-out cage. Each level measures 75" long x 24" wide. The ceiling of this hutch is sloped to allow the poop from the top-level cage to fall onto the roof of the bottom cage, and then roll backward to fall onto the ground to the back of the hutch. The poop from the bottom cage falls through the mesh floor directly onto the ground. To accommodate the slope, the height of each cage measures 12" in the front of the cage, and slopes downward to 8" in the back of the cage. There is a single door in the center of each level that swings upward, with a slide bolt to lock birds in. This hutch measures 60" tall in the back and 67" tall in the front. Grow-Out hutch is $250.

Both of these Quail cage/hutches have been painted on the inside and outside to protect the wood from bird feces. The only portion of wood that I did not paint is the door frames, simply because I liked the contrasting look between the painted and unpainted. (The paint used was an indoor paint). Each cage is solidly built. The floors are 1/2" x 1/2" vinyl-coated wire mesh. All wire mesh on sides and front is 1/2" x 1" mesh. Hardware is black.

Both of these hutches are brand new, as I never ended up buying any quail. We ended up going with sheep instead. However, they are pretty dusty, as they've been sitting in our barn, albeit in a coop that is currently unused.

If you are interested in purchasing both of these Quail hutches, the total discounted price will be $400.

I am looking to add 7 more laying hens (ideally up to 1 year old in age) and 1 younger rooster to our flock. So, if you have YOUNG, just-started-laying, or soon-to be laying hens, (laying within the next 2-4 weeks max, ideally), I would consider reducing the cost further still in a partial trade.

For the partial trade, I am willing to reduce the cost by $20/hen. For the roo, I would prefer a boy that hasn't yet reached adulthood. I am willing to offer $10-15 for the young roo. Dual-purpose chickens are preferred.
(If offering younger birds, the cost for the trade is reduced accordingly).

Contact us at the phone # found in the pictures section of this post.
Or you may call (three 15) 5 seven 6- 2 one 97

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