Making This House A Home (Jackson)

S Highland near Royal
Hello. My son and I moved into a house nearly two years ago. It is a roof over our heads, and for that I am grateful. The house needs work, and I'm trying my best, but it seems my best just isn't good enough at times.

We have no hot water, no kitchen sink, no kitchen cabinets, and no heat. We manage with the cold water in the summer and heat water on the stove in the winter. We have boxes and plastic totes for can-goods and cook-ware. We've gotten through two winters with two space heaters (Lord knows it wasn't easy).

My son is 11 years old. He and I share a room because there is only one bedroom ready. I love my baby with all of my heart, but we need our own space. I work so hard to give him a decent life. Although I know he appreciates it, I feel inadequate.

His dad had some people doing work little by little, but they weren't really competent and never completly finished anything. His dad does that type of work beautifying the houses of others while my son and I make do in a home that feels like a storage bin or abandoned home at times. It feels like he does the minimum and is leaving the rest up to me. I can't force him to help with the house. I try my very best not to be bitter.

I'm a proud woman. I work hard for the little that I do have. I don't ask anyone for anything. I have been doing without and praying for a miracle. I've been kind of down the last few weeks. I feel ashamed for that because I'm supposed to have faith and not worry. I just don't know what to do. Will my house ever feel like a home?

So, instead of fighting back tears and suffering in silence, I decided to let it out here amongst strangers. I know there are people who have it harder than me. My friends and family ask me to pray for them when they are faced with trials, and I do. Will you pray for my son and I? I would love to ask for my home to be more livable or that when it rains, my car isn't soaked on the inside because of a leak under the dashboard. I'd love to ask that my washing machine would spin all the water out of the clothes so I won't have to dry them 5 or 6 times. I would love to not have the gaping hole left in the ceiling from when the pipes bursted over the winter. I would even love to sit down in a warm bath and soak my tired body.

If anyone does home-remodeling work and has left-over material that I can purchase at an affordable price, that would be awesome. I'm not expecting any crazy, spectacular deals or anything. I would greatly appreciate if the lewd and unsavory offers are witheld (Oh I've had them too, and I'm not interested).

Just pray for us...please. All of the things I previously mentioned sounds good, but what I need most now is strength, courage, and faith. Thanks and God Bless.

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